Excerpts from Tiger, Tiger – A Life Restored By Nature

Windshield Biology

Excerpt from Chapter 22 Windshield Biology → This excerpt is about biology, nature and healing : When I had conducted field studies before my transplant, my ultimate source of satisfaction was often the accomplishment of having collected the data.  But now, though the...

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A New Body

Excerpt from Chapter 19 A New Body → This excerpt is about cancer recovery and exercise: A Good Day: Three to four hours of passable energy so I can function normally around the home, which includes the occasional foray for groceries, car maintenance, or a school or...

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Fear of Living

Excerpt from Chapter 12: Fear of Living → This excerpt is about depression and cancer: I think about the guns in my closet. I debate loading them, each time closer to being unable to see an alternative. I look at the phone, my hotline to Unit 57. I watch it for...

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“I loved this book!

The nature daydreams woven throughout the battle with cancer reinforced my own beliefs in healing. Pat’s heartwarming honesty of the seemingly insurmountable challenges of this disease and his stepwise accounts of recovery guided by nature is simply good medicine for us all.”
– Tim Clermont, Conservation Land and Habitat Securement Manager, The Nature Trust of British Columbia

“Pat Herzog weaves his love of nature throughout this powerful, honest and touching story of sorrow and uplift as he unrelentingly faces the scourge of cancer and its treatments. From a harrowing bone marrow transplant through physical and mental pain and severe debilitating fatigue, Pat emerges whole through his lifelong connection with the restorative/curative/spiritual power of nature.”
– Dr. Linda E. Carlson Ph.D., C.Psych, University of Calgary & Tom Baker Cancer Centre