Excerpt from Chapter 22 Windshield Biology →

This excerpt is about biology, nature and healing :

When I had conducted field studies before my transplant, my ultimate source of satisfaction was often the accomplishment of having collected the data.  But now, though the quest for field data gives me a professional purpose and identity, I’m more excited to simply feel the world begin to shift each time I look out the open window at a pond.  I can’t touch the birds, but somehow, they are touching me.

As spring progresses, the prairie comes to life.  With each trip, the landscape becomes greener – grain sprouting, alfalfa growing taller, and golden bean blooming brighter along the roadside.  I spot the pale purple flower of crocus in the weathered grass.  I drift from pond to pond, happy to flow with the nature that surrounds me. An excerpt from the chapter Windshield Biology

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